Need Clowns?

Welcome to the Fun World Clown Alley!

As you might imagine, we get lots of requests from charities and organizations wanting to have entertainment for the families at their events. While we’d love to be able to say “Yes” to everyone, we are unfortunately limited to the number and “types” of events per year that we can handle. Additionally, the costs we incur for materials, i.e. balloons, face paint, etc., continue to rise.

For those reasons and others, we have had to implement the following guidelines with regard to events where we are requested:

  • Event must be held within 20-mile radius of downtown Orlando tent or shaded spot must be provided to perform in or near.
  • If there is a charge for parking, organization or event sponsor will waive or reimburse alley for those fees.
  • A donation of at least $50 is requested to offset the costs for gas/travel, balloons, face-paint and other incidental expenses relating to your event. Consider that the going rate for a professional clown is around $125/hour.

** Please note: If we decline your request, it’s nothing personal. Not every event is a good fit for us and we might not be suitable for every event; Or it may simply be a matter of scheduling or logistics. In any case, we will review your request and respond as soon as possible.