Why Pet Sitting?
Why Pet Sitting?

All animals strive for daily routine in their lives. Any unexpected changes to that routine can be very stressful. When it comes to our pets, having to be crated and moved to another home, kennel or boarding facility, can be very upsetting. As a concerned pet owner, one has to also consider the possible risks of exposing pets to the illnesses of other animals any time they are boarded outside the home.

Entrusting the care of your pets to a professional Pet Sitter allows them to remain in their own familiar, secure environment where their regular diet and exercise routines can be maintained. Your pets will adjust to your absence more easily and experience less stress and anxiety. With a Pet Sitter, there is minimal exposure to illness from other animals. And most importantly, your pets will receive lots of TLC and personal attention while you are away!

Professional Pet Sitters are individuals whose careers consist of providing the absolute best care for your pets to your specifications. A reliable Pet Sitter will allow you to meet and interview them, will take time to meet your pets, and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have prior to providing services.

They will also ask you many questions about your home and your pets so that they can provide the highest level of service possible, period. They understand that happy pets and happy clients mean future business!

Lastly, many professional Pet Sitters, such as myself, have years of special animal care experience and pet first aid education, and have chosen to protect you even further by having a business legally licensed by the city and county.

You can rest assured that after choosing the right Pet Sitter, you can go away with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your pets and home are in caring, capable hands.

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